I'm looking for a book of which I listened to the audio book a while ago. It was set in the future where humans have colonized the solar system. One ultra-rich man basically bought an asteroid and turned it into a habitat for himself and many other people. This man is an explorer and desperately wants to be the first to explore outside of the solar system, but they haven't discovered a way of going faster than light.

Then a mysterious alien force* just shows up out of the blue and hovers above Earth for a while abducting military equipment and personnel, all resistance is futile as they can seemingly sedate humans from a distance. These aliens then proceed to blow up a large bomb near the center of the Earth sending it into a spiral of ever worsening natural disasters but for some reason don't do the same to the human settlements on the Moon or on Mars or out in the Asteroid belt. The humans then start a massive rescue campaign trying to rescue as many people from Earth as possible.

The reader then follows some of the abducted humans for a while, they get trained and used as slave soldiers to the aliens. We now learn that these aliens are one of 4 massive space empires that have subjugated many other alien species and keep them as servants. One of these races secretly decides to help the humans, after about a year of planning they seize control of one of the massive alien trading stations and use its FTL capability to return to the solar system to bring word of what happened. The humans now are in a race for survival as the alien overlords want to eradicate them, but we humans do what we do in a sci-fi story and valiantly fight on and form alliances with other races and start an uprising.

*These aliens are a large arachnid race whose home planet was destroyed during their eternal war with themselves, nowadays the thing on their home planet is the council (their leadership) who is determined by strength, to become more powerful you need to challenge and kill your superior.

I listened to this about 5-6 years back, so somewhere around 2013 and 2015. It was quite new at the time, being book 1 and 2 in a proposed Pentalogy.

  • Pieces of this sound like The Forge of God. – Stephen Collings Jan 29 at 10:31
  • @StephenCollings The only thing in common with the OPs description and the The Forge of God, is aliens dropping a bomb into the center of the Earth. – Peter M Jan 29 at 12:37

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