I am up to slaves to darkness in the Horus heresy series and realized that I haven’t read anything about the iron warriors or nightlords destruction of there own planets. Other than, I believe, a few passing comments or references to them as having happened on the past.

I have missed out a few books in the series so it is possible I have missed them.

Are there any short stories, novellas or chapters of a longer novel that describe the events leading up to, and the destruction itself of these 2 planets. In both cases it was a major contributor to the turning of each legion by Horus. Or do they happen “off page” and are just referenced to?

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The destruction of Nostramo is shown in the short story The Dark King.


Whilst I don't think Olympia was ever fully destroyed, but him attacking and purging Olympia is in Perturabo's primarch novel Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia

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