I was wondering who created the latex outfits in the Star Trek into Darkness. Does anyone know?

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    IMDb says Michael Kaplan (link). There's an interview on Youtube, as well as many more. This is the first result on Google, did I understand you wrong (you meant someone else) or something? – Jenayah Feb 2 at 16:12
  • You might also have better luck with answers if this question was posted on the Movies & TV Stack. Here we mostly ask questions about in universe content; not that you won't get any information at all, but there are guidelines we try to follow between the sites. – Odin1806 Feb 2 at 16:30
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    @Odin1806 this question is still on-topic for this site; but, cross-posting to M&TV (while keeping the SFF question up) is against network policy. In any case, Lisa, please clarify (with an edit) whether you meant Kaplan or someone else, as, if it's really about Kaplan, this question will likely attract downvotes for "no research". – Jenayah Feb 2 at 16:44

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