I've watched the episode ending several times and have not been able to figure out how this scene could maintain continuity.

In the scene Rei answers "I told her it was because they gave me life," when Kovacs asks her why she

killed Quell.

However, moments later Kovacs says, "The only reason you wouldn't remember what happened is that..

you were backed up before the shuttle crashed."

If that was the timing of the backup, how could Rei have answered Kovacs as she did? She could not have known that answer.

Suggestions welcome.

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    Presumably she is just lying? – Jack Feb 8 at 1:36
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    It's been a while since I watched this show, so I don't want to post an answer until I can sit down and re-watch, but I believe the reply "because they gave me life" was a response Rei gave to Quell, regarding why she had betrayed them to CTAC. The question Kovacs literally asked her may have been "why did you kill Quell?," but Rei was actually recounting her conversation with Quell regarding "why did I betray you all to CTAC?" (which she does remember because she did that long before the backup.) – Steve-O Feb 8 at 14:55
  • Your question is based upon how could she remember the conversation if she was backed up prior to it happening. Her answer would not have changed in the short time after she was backed up so her answer would still be truthful to the character and story. But as you point out she says "I told her..." which would say she remembered the actual conversation... I think I agree with @Steve-O here, but just the same I would have to rewatch as well. It is possible she knew she was planning to reveal her treachery prior to her backup and simply assuming she followed through with her initial plans... – Odin1806 Feb 8 at 16:57
  • Thanks for the feedback Steve-O, Odin1806. Yes. Please let me know after you get a chance to re-watch. The language Rei used was pretty specific "I told her...". But as you said, there may be another interpretation I am missing. Looking forward to hearing what you find. Thanks. – beichst Feb 9 at 0:44

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