This is a long shot, but my cousin had a VHS movie that we used to watch over and over when we were young... during the 2000's. I think her mom had gotten it as a gift or probably as a donation.

It was about two Indian girls (a nice one and a bad one)... and one day the wind, (which was portrayed as a little boy) came to play with the nice girl and started to lead her down the road.

The nice girl then ends up with a horse who is in trouble, and if I recall correctly she helps him get water from a well. She then keeps going on her path and finds a willow tree, and she does something good there but I can't remember.

Anyway, then she ends up going up on a cloud...? Not sure, but she ends up on the moon. It's beautiful up there and theres also a mystical lagoon up there and a castle. Nobody appears to be home so she starts poking around and ends up taking a dip in the water. As soon as she gets up she notices she is covered in jewelry. Then there's like a grandma and she is spying on her. The girl then takes a box and leaves the moon.The girl goes back to her mom and shows her all the blessings she found on her journey.

The bad girl does the same thing except she doesn't help the horse, or the tree. When she lands on the moon she dips twice and takes two boxes... basically she is portrayed as greedy... so in the end I believe the boxes she takes home are cursed.

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    Hi there! That's some very good info already but could you please take a look at those guidelines on story-ID, see if they trigger any more memories you could edit in? Just to check - was that a live-action movie or a cartoon/anime? – Jenayah Feb 8 at 20:44
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    Indians as in 'from India' or Indians as in 'Cowboys and...'? – Valorum Feb 8 at 20:46
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    Also - do you know where this movie was made? Or seemed to have been made? (sounds like a Hindi movie could be made with such a plot, hence me asking :) ) – Jenayah Feb 8 at 20:47

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