Ok this is a huge shot in the dark. I remember seeing a live action movie on TV (probably late 90s) and some vivid scenes were it was a man from modern times with a collapsible spear (or staff) and he was stuck in a fantasy world with magical creatures and he was a warrior of some forgotten line.

The scene I remember most was near the end when the villain from the fantasy world invaded our modern world and the business man took up his spear/staff thingy again to defeat him, and some of his friends from the fantasy world also came to help. There might have been a bit with them flying on a cloud too?

  • Hey there! That's some good info already, and I know you said it was vague, but please still take a look at this handy guide on story-ID, see if that triggers any more memories you could edit in. Every detail, however minor it may seem, counts. Cheers :) – Jenayah Feb 9 at 3:00
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    Accept for the businessman in modern times bit your description (extendable staff, flying on clouds) sounds like Monkey, isn't of course, what you've given us is a bit vague, naturally (or you wouldn't need help finding it), any other details though? – Pelinore Feb 9 at 3:25
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    @bishop : I wouldn't think so, OP seems clear that the action takes place on Earth, secondly, OMG! they actually turned that piece of misogynistic tat into a film! I'm male & despite that can scarcely read any of it without cringing, so it must be pretty bad, putting that aside the writing's fairly bad as well. – Pelinore Feb 9 at 7:39

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