I was searching about near future sci fi wepons which can have super long range (50000km+). It seams like no wepon fits the bill except missiles but i cant put a powerful enough engine on a missile.

So ablative propulsion was the only way. Tough sf had some impressive numbert on it. Ablative pellet propulsion can give isp as high as 50 million and also most of the focusing equipment is in the missile so you dont need huge mirrors on your ships.

I want my ships to have simple fiber lasers which can at as point defence and also propel the missiles.

laser ablative pellet propultion

So is it a practice wepon. How powerful lasers would you need for a good enough accleration (9g+).And what can be the best defence against such missiles.

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    I think you've misunderstood the issues. Long range isn't at all difficult - we've sent stuff (like Voyager I) over 20 billion km. There is essentially no friction in space. And high acceleration is only necessary if you have short boost duration. So, you also need to specify how short your space battles will be. – WhatRoughBeast Feb 11 at 21:01

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