At some point before Robert Jordan's death, I remember hearing that there were going to be additional prequel novels similar to New Spring. I'm curious if there has been any official announcement as to whether Brandon Sanderson or some other author will be writing/finishing any of these novels, or if they've been cancelled altogether.

Does anyone know definitively if any additional Wheel of Time prequels will be written or not?

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According to The Thirteenth Depository, that won't be decided until the main series is complete.

Future Books: The main series and the Encyclopedia will be completed and then Harriet will decide if she wants the prequel novels written...


At the moment, on the current A Memory of Light tour, Harriet is saying no to the outrigger trilogy and additional two prequel novels. (Transcript on Dragonmount).

There's a better interview (with SFX) in the TheoryLand DB:

"There have been a lot of questions about this! Robert Jordan certainly wanted us to finish the series but we don't feel that he would have wanted us to write anything else after this. For all the desire of fans to want more, Robert Jordan—as far as I can see—did not want The Wheel Of Time to become a legacy series like Conan or Star Wars, where you have other authors working on stories. Robert Jordan didn't want that to be the vision for these books, so we're going to stop here. We're going to end on a high note and not continue it with any prequels or anything like that."

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