In another question (What was the last riddle set by Morgan le Fay?) @Codosaur said that,

As to the riddle, the writers may have just taken it from: "In Battle-scars and times of strife, resistant to the most brutal of strikes. I live among men and children alike. But not once have you seen me walk past you. But my biggest fear grows with things left overnight. Who am I?"

What is the context of this quote that it was taken from? Where did this come from? To what was @Codosaur referring to with that quote?

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The quote he's referring to appears to be from Reddit. User Circuitslave posted it in 2017 as a riddle of the day.

The back end of the riddle appears to be an original creation, whereas the front part is taken almost directly from the Stargate episode The Quest, Part I

"Battle-scarred in times of strife. Resistant to"

It seems highly unlikely that the writers of a Stargate episode written in 2005 would have drawn their inspiration from a Reddit post from 2017.

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    Although we know the Stargate can be used for time travel... :)
    – Wallnut
    Feb 13, 2019 at 8:56

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