From what I remember it is an old book. It's about a guy who lives near woods and is a fisherman. He finds some alien stones that glow and I think burn a hole through his desk drawer. They get larger and merge together. I think aliens come.

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As suggested in a comment, this is Dune Roller by Julian May, which was also the answer to Short story involving pieces of orange glass that seek out each other and defend themselves with heat.

The scene you remember with the desk is:

An odor of burned wood hit his nostrils. He exclaimed shortly under his breath and shone the light down near the sill of the outside door. There was a round black hole in the door, smoking and glowing faintly around the edges.

He raced back into the workroom and pulled out the drawer that had held the grapefruit-sized drop. It was empty, and a hole gaped in the bottom of it. The hard wood, was still burning slowly.

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  • You beautiful people thanks so much!!! I read this story in a book given to me by my dad from the 1970s and I think I was about 7-10 years old ish when I read it. I don't remember reading in a sci paperback book. So I think it was a readers digest style book. Thanks so much for soothing this long-held nostalgic thorn! I'm off to read it again now!! – Renee Barrett Feb 15 at 5:38
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    And now I found thanks to the links the books it was published in. Pretty sure I read it in Stories for Tomorrow: An Anthology of Modern Science Fiction. I thought it was from the '70s because it was my dad's stuff but it must have been his when he was a teenager. – Renee Barrett Feb 15 at 5:53

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