Due to failing to stop Neville's broomstick, and thereby almost allowing him to be injured, the Hogwarts broomstick flying Coach known as Hooch is fired for child endangerment, which places Remus Lupin in charge of teaching it, this is a world where the non-magical technology has been made workable, and enhanced by magic, in a version of the story of Harry Potter, time-shifted 20 years in the future, (from the original time setting of the franchise.)

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    In the future could you try and put a bit more effort into your titles to describe the story in a brief overview rather than something incredibly generic? – TheLethalCarrot Feb 15 at 12:21
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    Hooch getting fired is incredibly common in crappy political fics so you need to add more details. – Neo Darwin Feb 15 at 12:24
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    Paragraphs. That is all. – Kevin Feb 22 at 1:18
  • Is everyone happy now? – James Lawman May 31 at 20:49
  • While it's nice of you to reword and clarify your question, please keep the above advice in mind - the previous title was far more helpful than a generic "I don't remember the name of this fanfiction", hence why I edited it back in. – Jenayah May 31 at 20:55

It was Vanguards Of Magic. Chapter 7 The Beast https://archiveofourown.org/works/4360376/chapters/10666220 Providing a quote would be pointless since it's right in the text and is quite a substantial amount of the chapter.

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