I remember a story from when I was a kid, so it would be most likely early '60s.

An astronaut comes back from space but starts turning into a monster. He is slowly being covered in rock and is having trouble breathing. The scientist try to cut the rock but can't get him out. Covered in rock/meteor, he goes on a rampage and starts killing people.

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  • " the scientist try to cut the rock but can't get him out..." - just to check, were those several scientists or a single one? (it's a tad bit unclear with the current wording) – Jenayah Feb 16 at 1:29
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    Sounds a bit like "First Man into Space". B&W from 1959. A test pilot loses control of his ship in the upper atmosphere while passing through meteor dust. He ejects. The ship and pilot are covered by the dust which forms a hard rock coating. Pilot looks like a rock monster and wheezes a lot because he can't breath. He goes on a killing streak -- he needs to drink blood to live. It has been a lot of years since I saw this movie, but I don't remember them trying to cut the rock off of the pilot, and I thought he was completely covered by the rock instantly after passing through the dust. – Tim Feb 16 at 3:10
  • Thank you for your answer... I do recall this, but perhaps it was a TV show of some sort? I remember that the rock was slowly covering him and the scientists tried to stop it by cutting it open. They could not. Eventually it consumed him and as I recall he went mad. Now mind you, this memory is very old. Perhaps I am remembering something incorrectly or combining memories. Thanks for your answer anyhow. – Tom Cleary Feb 17 at 2:07

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