Fantasy Novel - set in different world - the protagonist is a warrior from another land - he is rescued and helps a city defend itself from assault but this city is doomed. A second assault by demon / ant like creatures comes and they flee on a boat to an island sanctuary of a ruined civilization with a goddess (?) protector. He then goes off on a journey to find his origin in a far city, where he faces a group of 3 enemies: a general, a magician, and an creature of darkness that cannot abide light. He is told he is their fourth and from another world, arriving through gates. The magician and general kill each other, and he destroys the evil creature

  • There is some resemblance to M. John Harrison's Viriconium books (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viriconium), but also enough differences that I don't believe it is the correct answer. – Klaus Æ. Mogensen Feb 18 at 9:47
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    Thank You for the Thought. I have read Pastel City by Harrison and it is not the same at all. The book I remember was set in a medieval fantasy construct with magic and Gods . Pastel City is set in far future with Tech laying around from the old days . – horsewarrior Feb 18 at 12:22

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