I remember seeing this on tv when I was a kid (in 1980's). I'm not sure whether it was a movie or a TV series. I remember two things about it:

  1. A cross was burned to the necks of people, and they became hypnotized or something like that.
  2. People drowned in the quicksand (or through the sand)
  • Burned like a brand? Was there a scene where this happened? Do you remember anything else about the people e.g. what they wore, was there any indication of time period it was set in? – Nathan Griffiths Feb 18 at 5:54

Sounds like the movie "Invaders from Mars" from 1953, not the remake from 1986

  • To think I dismissed that one because they were discs and not crosses... But upon further inspection, you're totally right, that soldier drowned in sand. Have an upvote :) (and by the way, the movie is on Dailymotion) – Jenayah Mar 4 at 19:24

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