I'm trying to write a Powers and Abilities section for Allana Solo on Wookieepedia, but I don't know any of her abilities.

Can someone provide a list of all her applications and powers in the Force she has displayed in her brief stint as a character? The Force vision in Apocalypse is the best I know of.

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    Why are you trying to write a wiki article on her abilities when you don't know what any of them are? – Beofett Jul 16 '12 at 13:25
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    sorry, I checked wookepedia and they didn't have anything listed, can't help you. – KutuluMike May 12 '15 at 23:20
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Animal Friendship - Her pet Nexxu is one example but during a stampede caused by and assassination attempt Allana was able to calm several animals saving lives.

Force Healing - She has been wounded a few times and Han has remarked that she is a quick healer just like her mother.

Mind Trick - She has not mastered this one but she has used them on guards and people trying to attack falcon on Dantooine.

Precognition- This is probably her strongest and most prominent talent. Probably first seen while kidnapped on Jacen's flagship.

Force Bellow - She was cornered and about to be captured and let out a loud scream that stunned her attacker allowing her to flee.

Force Stealth - Taught to her by her father when she was very young for her protection

Other than force stealth most of her abilities seem to come naturally and are untrained.

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