I remember a black-and-white television show a long time ago where a man received a message from an alien and he could not decipher it. It turned out that it was not a message but rather a digital picture of what the alien looked like.

Can anyone help me identify the name of the TV show and the name of the episode?


Based on what you describe this could feasibly be A for Andromeda. Black and white series from 1961 that features the decoding of a digital alien message. Have never watched it in full so cannot say if there is a scene where the message renders an image of the alien. You can view the series on YouTube.


FYI The 1995 season of The Outer Limits featured an episode called "The Message" which except for the fact it is in colour contains a premise and scene very much as you describe. You can see a still from the episode showing the drawing, decoded from binary notation on this web page.

Still from the episode showing the drawing of the alien alongside a human

Initially I posted this as part of one answer but it was suggested that I split my answer in two so that if one of these is what you are looking for you can easily mark it as correct.

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