I know few of the instances: Spock was resurrected in the Star Trek: Search For Spock movie. Kirk was resurrected in the Star Trek Into Darkness movie. Most recently, in S02E05 of the Star Trek: Discovery TV series,

Dr. Culber was resurrected.

How many people have been resurrected from complete death in the entire history of Star Trek?

I want to clarify here that death here means ordinary brain death situation. Timeline and Q related ju-jus aren't allowed. Plain simple cloning in which memory of original host doesn't survive won't be called resurrection either.

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    @colmde You can add spoiler tags by using >! at the start of a paragraph. – TheLethalCarrot Feb 26 at 9:59
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    @Valorum Also, what counts as "resurrected"? Do the Kobali count? Erasing a timeline where someone died? Duplicates created before the character died? (Which would also raise the question of how many people this episode counts as...) – Chronocidal Feb 26 at 14:06
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    @Chronocidal - Picard and Q destroyed life in the Alpha Quadrant in 'All Good Things...' then fixed it. Does that count? – Valorum Feb 26 at 14:17
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    @Valorum I wouldn't say opinion-based, but certainly requiring clarification from the OP. – colmde Feb 26 at 14:29
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