This novel was written in the 1980s (I think).

It took place on a lost or abandoned colony. There was an island where a man was hiding with debt notes from friends who didn't want to be paid off with fiat currency (it came with slow agonizing death from killer plants). One character's name was I think "Shulamit(h) Well(e)s". There was one scene in an underground tunnel with a river flowing through it. Two brothers were on the side of the revolution. There were shady characters’ attempts to arrest opposition legislatures.

  • Are there any sci-fi or fantasy elements in this story? With a first glance, it seems not. If this is the case then I am afraid your question might be off topic. – Rebel-Scum Feb 26 at 19:13
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    Fiat money has killer plants? Sounds sci-fi to me! – Maury Markowitz Feb 26 at 19:40
  • @MauryMarkowitz I think I would say "keep the change" – Organic Marble Feb 26 at 21:35
  • Maybe one of the chronologically early stories in the War World series by John Carr? Miners and pot farmers form a loose union to resist corporate control of the colony world. – MikeC Feb 27 at 7:21

Could it be part of the Jerry Pournelle "War World" series? War World: Blood Feuds

The chronology site seems to suggest there is a Shulamit character on the Haven Colony planet.

Late 2992**
WAR WORLD: BLOOD FEUDS, chapters 13-16 (pp. 315-401 only). Haven: Temujin captured. Shulamit and Karl meet Sigrid. The Seven rally the clans of the Northern Steppes.

WAR WORLD: BLOOD VENGEANCE, Prologue. Haven: Shulamit learns the truth about Sigrid.

"Shame and Honor" (WWIII 270-356). Haven: Shulamit bat Miriam fan Gimbutas allies with a Sauron. Karl bar Yigal fan Reenan defends the Pale from an invasion*

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