All I know for sure is that I read the summary of the story on fanfiction.net, earlier this month, and the summary said something about centuries, and I'm paraphrasing here because I don't remember what it exactly said but here's what it said, "And yes, She." Something like that, also as far as I know it wasn't a Naruto X Kurama fic.

  • Hmm... there's a fair number of them where the Kyuubi is female. – FuzzyBoots Feb 28 at 21:05
  • Did you try looking at your browsing history? – Stormblessed Mar 1 at 1:40
  • 1
    ….Well, I'm using private browsing on my laptop so that I don't clutter up my history, so I can look back in my history and find things, of course I know that's self-contradictory, but it made sense at the time. – James Lawman Mar 1 at 17:34

This might be "The Teenage Kyuubi"

And yes, she, the kyuubi is a girl. ... The female kyuubi ... Kyuubi. Now read on. We find the Kaze no torio (I'm using the Kaze no torio for the trio ...

Unfortunately, I've only found this excerpt via cached Google searches. It looks like the author may have taken it down.

Another excerpt from the page, found with a slightly different search:

Wait, maybe this is a trap and they are going to do something awful to ... to write an alternate version of this fanfiction called 'The Creationist', ...

but unfortunately, I haven't found anything that matches that either.

  • That's the closest summary to what I remember, but it's not quite right. – James Lawman Apr 4 at 16:28

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