The flagship of the Federation during TNG was the Enterprise-D and apparently only the best of the best served there. For example, Riker is repeatedly commended about his abilities:

From the TNG episode "Chain of Command I":

JELLICO: He [Riker] was your first officer for five years.

PICARD: One of the finest officers that I have ever served with.

JELLICO: Of course he is, Jean-Luc. I'm sure it'll all work out.

while in the TNG episode "Chain of Command II" it is stated:

LAFORGE: You're going to need one heck of a pilot to pull that off.

JELLICO: Is that you?

LAFORGE: I could do it, but truthfully, the man you want is Commander Riker. He's the best there is.

Also, not everyone is suited to serve in the flagship, as stated in "Hollow Pursuits":

PICARD: I'm not accustomed to seeing an unsatisfactory rating for one of my crew.

RIKER: I guess the issue is whether Mister Barclay is Enterprise material.

My question is: since the flagship gets the best of the best, besides bragging rights and prestige, do the crew serving there get any extra privileges?

A possible perk is having holodecks, as apparently few ships have them. Are there any more compared to serving in a regular ship?

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    You get to nearly get killed. A lot. Girls dig that – Valorum Mar 2 at 18:32
  • @Valorum Indeed, but canon begs to differ: "Fate, it protects fools, small children and ships called Enterprise." – Rebel-Scum Mar 2 at 18:39
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    "SONYA: Oh, I do tend to have a bit of a motor mouth, especially when I'm excited. And you don't know how exciting it is to get this assignment. Everyone in class, I mean everyone, wants the Enterprise. I mean, it would have been all right to spend some time on Reiner Six doing phase work with anti-matter. That's my specialty." - chakoteya.net/NextGen/142.htm – Valorum Mar 2 at 18:41
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    While I cannot point to any one episode at the moment, the term 'carreer path' rings a few bells. Anyone 'moving on' would likely have their choice of assignments and may even be actively 'head hunted' as opposed to being arbitrarily assigned to more mundane tasks during a rotation cycle. – Jeeped Mar 2 at 19:11
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    One of the things about Star Trek is that prestige and self-betterment was its own reward. As to the holodeck aspect: IIRC the Galaxy-Class was one of the first to have that technology inherently (older models may have been retrofitted afterward, though I've seen no evidence of this personally). – Vanguard3000 Mar 2 at 19:28

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