In this HBO commercial, there is a song playing in the background. It's kind of rock and dubstep fused together. I have contacted HBO through Facebook, but they couldn't reach the department who made this video. It's been more than 6 months and I couldn't get this song out of my head. I have tried with the lyrics and tried using Shazam, SoundHound apps as well. No use. Please help :(

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    “It's kind of rock and dubstep fused together.” That's impossible. We haven't been able to fuse genres in that way since goliaths like Limp Bizkit strode the great plains of popular music. – Paul D. Waite Mar 3 at 21:18
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    The lyrics are something like "bet you never had a night like this, bet you never had a night like this" – Valorum Mar 3 at 21:26
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    Yes you are right Paul Waite, but I never heard a song with this kind of music. I'm thinking it was originally a rock song and was fused with another song later. – Nithin Mar 4 at 5:55
  • Yes "valorum", that's what I have been hearing too. But there's not even a single song in the internet that has these exact lyrics. – Nithin Mar 4 at 5:57
  • @Nithin - I've also been trying potential misheard lyrics as well (but you've, had a knight like, etc) – Valorum Mar 9 at 16:50

It could be Night Like This.

At the 1:50 Mark of this video you hear the "you never had a night like this". Music isn't quite the same, so maybe it was mashed with another song, or its a new arrangement for the soundtrack.

  • Yes Eric Chase's song is the only song that comes up close to this, could be a mashup but no sign of it anywhere. – Nithin Mar 4 at 5:59

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