As discussed in another question, it is made clear that Luke was very likely ambidextrous. What are the advantages to being ambidextrous as a Jedi? Is lightsaber combat or reaching out to the force easier?

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    Just about every advantage you are thinking of can come into play. It would be the same as if you or I (normies) were ambidextrous in their situations. Say you are in a light saber battle and someone hits your dominant arm making it unusable you would have the ability to swap to your other hand and be just as proficient. Someone chops off your hand; you still have the ability to fire a blaster, wield a light saber, or write legibly... being a Jedi (or being able to tap into the force) has no real bearing. Ambidextrous people just have more tools in their belt than "regular" people... – Odin1806 Mar 3 at 21:55
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    An ambidextrous Jedi would be able to defend him/herself better if his/her Dad lopped off a hand in a light saber match. – Jeeped Mar 3 at 22:34
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    This can be primarily opinion based... – Ginge Mar 3 at 22:51
  • I would guess it's unlikely to make much difference, any more than facing a left- rather than a right-handed opponent. Ambidextrous people still have the same (in)ability to co-ordinate both hands that anyone else has (they find it no easier to pat their head and rub their stomach at the same time), so they would find it just as difficult to dual-wield as anyone else would. There might be a slight advantage in switching to your other hand mid battle and your opponent assuming it's your off-hand, but that seems like a very slight advantage, and pretty situational. – delinear Mar 4 at 12:36
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    They can eat cereal and text at the same time. – Organic Marble Mar 4 at 14:46

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