I don't have a great deal of info on what I'm looking for. I read a book when I was younger, probably written in the 80’s or early 90’s.

It was about these 2 people (male I think) that were traveling across a land to get somewhere, they would have to become the creatures that inhabited that area to get across it. They were deer once, beaver, one was a pixie once, there were other creatures.

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Could this be Jack Chalker's "Midnight at the Well of Souls"? The first of a series of books all set on a planet called the Well World. Science Fiction rather than Fantasy, but with a lot of similar elements.

  1. Two people traveling across a world covered by thousands of hex-shaped zones, each populated with different races of creatures. However the main characters are a man and a women not two men. Nathan Brazil and Wu Julee. They are joined by others during the journey.
  2. Characters changing shape to conform to the native popluations. When travelers are transported to the world they are sorted into hexes that need population. The people are transformed into the race of their assigned hex. Nathan stays a conventional looking human but Wu Julee is changed into a centaur.
  3. A one point Nathan Brazil is changed to a deer after being injured crossing a hex.
  4. There is a race called Ambreza that resemble giant beavers and inhabit the hex zone adjacent to the one that is home to conventional looking humans. No one becomes an Ambreza but there is interaction with characters.
  5. There is a race called Lata that resemble flying pixies. One of the characters from this book becomes a Lata in a later sequel "Quest for the Well of Souls".
  6. There are many, many other creature races described in the book. The other main characters become a mermaid, a giant bat, a giant insect, a bi-pedal plant, and a six-armed walrus/snake.
  7. Some of the races can use magic that might cause the book to be remembered as Fantasy.

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Something in the Well World series by Jack Chalker maybe?

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