Is the MCU version of Captain America/Steve Rogers a virgin?

This is not a troll question. The romantic aspect of Captain America's life has been explored several times in the MCU.

I recall Natasha asking him if he's ever kissed anyone since the 40's.

In addition he was trying to explore the interest of the young lady who was protecting his apartment.


(How can my question receive so many negative votes but the answers given to the exact question receive many plus votes?)

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    Could you elaborate on why you are asking the question, or what relevance to the story it adds? To be honest I think the only character we know for sure from things shown on the screen are not virgins are Tony and Clint... – Skooba Mar 11 at 13:58
  • @Skooba Sure. I love the character and it's been pointed out a few times, by Black Widow and his neighbor in Civil War for example, that this is of concern because a person such as Cap has little happiness in his life. Is there any other MCU character where they point out he's forlorn? In my original question I had "And if so does it make you sad?" YES! It DOES! .. Yet that was eliminated because they think it's what, a joke? The authors of the MCU to be a romantic tragedy. Did people not care about the arc of Quill and Gamora? Well obviously so why doesn't the same apply to Cap? – Randy Zeitman Mar 11 at 14:03
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    Just as an observation, typically the site users don't respond well to questions about sex/sexuality unless there is a solid reason and perhaps some research on why you think this might be the case. I believe the last part was removed because it invites opinion into the answers, which isn't really relevant. – Skooba Mar 11 at 14:07
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    The answers posted so far both redeem the question - whose only fault was to not put enough words around it to keep people from thinking it was flame-bait. – gowenfawr Mar 11 at 21:11

According the writers (Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely) Steve is not a virgin in the MCU.

In this "The B-Movies Podcast" at about 23:40:

Interviewer [William Bibbiani]: This might seem like a base question, this might seem like something that would get asked in Mallrats, but I actually think it's relevant. After all this time-

McFeely: Steve's not a virgin.

Interviewer: Steve is not a virgin?

Markus & McFeely: No.

Interviewer: Okay.

McFeely: I actually think he was not a virgin in 1943. He went on the USO tour! He looked like Chris Evans!

Interviewer: But he thought it was fondue!

McFeely: That's just lingo from Howard Stark! It's not that he doesn't know where the parts go!

Markus: There was an innocence in the 1940s about what you could talk about-

McFeely: Yes

Markus: But not about what you could do.

  • You know, even from one of the writers I don't find that persuasive, before he got the upgrade he was a skinny unattractive socially ostracized outcast it's hard to imagine "getting any" ~ after the upgrade to Cap. (& before, pretty much from the moment he met her really) he definitely had a "thing" for agent Carter & he's depicted as such a goody two shoes I find it hard to believe he'd have gone off the reservation with any groupies on the USO tour while holding a torch for her ~ and we know he never got that first date with her ~ that only leaves after he came out of the ice. – Pelinore Mar 11 at 16:11
  • @Pelinore I think the time period McFeely is talking about (the USO tour) is the time between the experiment and when he ships out for Europe (where he reconnects with Peggy Carter). From the movie, he seems to only kindle something with her beyond a friendship after he arrives in Europe and rescues Bucky. Some months go by between then and when he goes down into the ocean. – TylerH Mar 11 at 20:53
  • @TylerH - The United Service Organizations (USO) tour is when he's in Europe entertaining the troops ~ it's not a period before he ships out to Europe (which is how I read your comment?) ~ there's not really any time we're shown or I'm otherwise aware of between his conversion with the serum & the start of that tour? – Pelinore Mar 11 at 20:57
  • @Pelinore he's in Europe at the end of the tour (or at least, the end for him... since he runs off). He tours around America selling bonds for weeks, if not months, before traveling to Europe. – TylerH Mar 11 at 20:58
  • @TylerH - Ah! Gotya, doesn't change my thoughts on it though ~ I can't see him "getting any" before the serum ~ & he meets (& falls for) her before the serum & I can't see him stringing anyone else along while he's holding a torch for her (seems out of character for our boy scout in stars & stripes) ~ & we know he didn't get that first date with her ~ so again, that only leaves after he comes out of the ice? – Pelinore Mar 11 at 21:04

Chris Evans himself, at one point in time, assumed that Cap was a virgin but this isn't conclusive proof either way as Chris doesn't appear 100% sure himself.

A love interest?

It’s funny when you think about it — he’s probably a virgin. [Laughs.] He’s probably a virgin! I don’t know when it would’ve happened.

Entertainment Weekly, 'Avengers: Age of Ultron': Chris Evans wonders … Is Captain America a virgin?

  • Well gee... I guess it's an actually good question! Reward? Minus 12 so far. – Randy Zeitman Mar 11 at 16:20

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