More than 10 years back, I watched a live-action movie on television where a brontosaurus kind of dinosaur is wounded in a cave with a man and a kid near it. The humans look civilized and it's definitely not from the Jurassic Park series.

All I remember is that dinosaur is wounded on itss side and probably dies afterwards. It's from a Hollywood movie. This scene happens during the night and that's all I can remember.

I have searched all over the internet and couldn't find anything related to it.

  • There was a movie called Babe, about a family of saurpods in the deepest african jungle- I think there was at least one sequel. – Nu'Daq Mar 16 at 19:02
  • Also it might be one of the "Journey to the center of the Earth", based on Jules Vernes' book, film adaptations from the mid-2000s. Surprisingly, at least one of these movies had dinosaurs if I recall... – Rebel-Scum Mar 16 at 19:19
  • It's baby- secret of the lost legend, there are no sequels for that movie. I came across this result , I'm not sure. Does the dinosaur die/get injured in the movie? @nu'daq – Nithin Mar 16 at 19:19
  • 1959,1989,1993,2004 I haven't noticed any such scenes in these movies. I you have noticed, please let me know. And it's definitely not the 2008 versions, I would remember if it were from them. @loki – Nithin Mar 16 at 19:59
  • @nithin You're right I think. In the 2008 version there's a scene with a man (B. Fraser of "The Mummy" fame), a kid and a T-Rex, that's why I was confused. – Rebel-Scum Mar 16 at 20:28

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