I remember playing a game when I was young, probably around 15-18 years ago.

It was some sort of an RTS style game that took place in the sky. You could collect these crystal like things from nodes that also floated around. And if I remember correctly, could construct an entire base in the sky.

More things I remember:

  • I think you had some sort of mules that could collect the crystals from the nodes.
  • I think you also had enemies on seperate "islands". I think one of them was a scorpion like enemy.
  • You could build bridges in the sky. I remember that after some time, some bridges would collapsae.
  • Top down view

Sounds like Netstorm: Islands at War.

Played 15 to 18 years ago - it was released in 1997, so entirely possible

Took place in the sky - check

Collect crystals - check

Construct bases - well towers

Had mules - the workers were horse/mule type characters

Enemies on seperate islands - check

Scorpion like enemy - I could see how some of the enemies could resemble a robot scorpion.

Build bridges - check

That would fall down - they could be taken over, I can't remember if they could be destroyed.

Top down view - see below

From Wikipedia enter image description here

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