I have a copy of Robert Crumb's The People's Comics. On the inside of cover at the bottom of the page it reads:

THE PEOPLE'S COMICS. Copyright (c) 1972 by R. Crumb. Published by Kitchen Sink Enterprises, a division of Krupp Comic Works, Inc., P.O. Box 7, Princeton, Wisconsin 54968. Phone (414) 295-3972. Free catalog upon request. This edition was published in cooperation with Terry Zwigoff (Golden Gate Publishing Co.) First printing of this edition, April 1976. Printing No. 5 4 3

Is this a first edition, if not, what edition is it?

Here is the cover: enter image description here


According to Comicbooks.org, you have a 4th printing from 1979. The cover price hidden by the $1.50 sticker is $1. This is also backed up by MyComicShop.

enter image description here

4th print February 1979 has 1.00 USD cover price. Says printing 543. Third Kitchen Sink printing.

Purely for reference, if your comic was in absolute mint condition it would be worth about what you paid for it.

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