Captain America's shield is supposed to be made out of the hardest metal on Earth and that triggers my doubt as to whether Stormbreaker can break it.

Can Thor's Stormbreaker break Captain America's Shield?

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    @Virusbomb This is not GvS under our policy of it as both items are set within the same universe. In fact we can make a decent educated guess as to the answer here. – TheLethalCarrot Mar 26 at 16:53
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    @TheLethalCarrot - It feels opinion-based. They haven't come into conflict, so any guess is going be just that, a guess. – Valorum Mar 26 at 17:07
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    @TheLethalCarrot - Given that this is a weapon that's explicitly stronger than Mjolnir, it's very hard to gauge how it stacks up against the shield. – Valorum Mar 26 at 17:18
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    Given that this is MCU specific, and Cap's shield is not made of Proto-admantium in the MCU, and Stormbreakers capabilities not being fully shown, and the shields failure point not being established, and Thor's recent power increase, and that these all differ from comic continuity, so we cannot attempt to source from there, and the lack of data-points to draw an independent conclusion.... I don't see how this could be anything but opinion-based. – AAlig Mar 26 at 17:43
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    "we don't know" is an answer, not a reason to close. – Mithrandir Mar 29 at 7:42

Probably not

Remember in The Avengers when Thor hits Cap's shield with Mjölnir and doesn't harm the shield at all.

Thor hits Cap's shield with Mjölnir

I think we then see them use this technique to fight the bad guys in the opening sequence of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Seeing as Mjölnir and Stormbreaker are both made out of Uru it seems likely they would both have the same effects and as such Stormbreaker would not be able to break the shield on its own.

However, it is worth noting that Stormbreaker is more powerful than Mjölnir in that it can summon the Bifrost and is "The Thanos killing kind" but I don't think it's that more powerful on its own that it would be able to destroy the shield.

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    I wonder how Thor "leveling up" and Stormbreaker having the power of Bifrost would effect this... – Skooba Mar 26 at 17:05
  • @Skooba Thor's power shouldn't affect the Q/A here as this seems to be solely about Stormbreaker's power on its own (at least that's how I read it). The Bifrost point is quite a good one though but again I wouldn't have thought it would effect it too much. – TheLethalCarrot Mar 26 at 17:09
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    In the non-MCU continuity, Uru, especially enchanted Uru is more resilient than Vibranium/Adamantium. The only items of similar durability are Adamantine (such as Hercules mace). This is one of the reasons MCU and comic universes differ on several points already, so this may be irrelevant, but it seemed worth a mention. MCU Specific: Stormbreaker is a more powerful weapon than Mjolnir, and vibranium has lost it's "totally indestructible" status, Visions vibranium body has been damaged at the hands of Corvus, Wanda, and Thanos. – AAlig Mar 26 at 17:31
  • While Stormbreaker and Mjolnir were made of the same metal, that's not really the source of their power. They have built-in enchantments meant to enhance the wielders power. When Eitri makes SB, he himself says "A king's weapon. Meant to be the greatest in Asgard". Considering that he was the guy that made Mjolnir, it's a very easy deduction that SB is definitely more powerful than Mjolnir. – Stark07 Mar 29 at 5:52

Very easily, yes.

Whilst the comparison against Mjolnir is existent, it is no longer valid.

Mjolnir was the equivalent of training wheels compared to the Stormbreaker, which is essentially a hyper-car.

Stormbreaker is a King's weapon. We have seen the kind of feats Odin achieved with Gungnir.

When describing it to thor, Eitri himself says:

A king's weapon. Meant to be the greatest in Asgard.

Considering that Eitri is the same person who made Mjolnir as well, it's a fairly straight forward deduction that Stormbreaker is without a doubt way more powerful than Mjolnir.

And we saw how Thor managed to go against a fully powered Infinity gauntlet with the Stormbreaker.

Cap's shield is the equivalent of toast(literally and figuratively) compared to the infinity gauntlet.

This question may seem like Gorilla vs Shark, but it's actually more like tiger vs a koala.

Can we, in good conscience, claim that Cap's shield: A piece of un-enchanted metal, is stronger than an energy beam generated by the infinity gauntlet harnessing the power of all 6 infinity stones? No.

Now since there's no way cap's shield is more powerful than that, and considering we DID actually see Stormbreaker defeat that beam, it is a simple mathematical deduction that Stormbreaker can defeat the shield. It's as simple as A > B, B > C, hence A > C.

This is far from opinion based.

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    "And we saw how Thor managed to go against a fully powered Infinity gauntlet with the Stormbreaker." This point is mostly irrelevant, Thor was able to hurt Thanos because he caught him by surprise before Thanos could react not because Stormbreaker overcame the power of the Infinity Stones/Gauntlet. – TheLethalCarrot Mar 26 at 17:21
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    [citation needed] – Kevin Workman Mar 26 at 17:21
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    @TheLethalCarrot Thanos shoots a ray out of the gauntlet which Stormbreaker continues to churn through as though it were nothing. Stormbreaker does go up against an attack from the empowered gauntlet, and appears to win. gfycat.com/appropriateaggressivecanary – AAlig Mar 26 at 17:37
  • @AAlig I really need to rewatch the film apparently! Although that is Stormbreaker + Thor’s power against the Gauntlet so its not necessarily that Stormbreaker itself is more powerful. – TheLethalCarrot Mar 26 at 18:02
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    No, the claims I am making are: 1. Stormbreaker never touched the gauntlet, only the blast that came from it. 2. Stormbreaker was additionally charged by Thor during said attack. 3. The only items that have interacted are Mjolinr and the Shield and they were evenly matched, or even slight advantage to the shield as everyone but Cap was thrown back. 4. We can only guess what will happen between a match of Stormbreaker and Cap's shield as they have never interacted, even in comics as far as I recall. 5. Any beyond these are speculation and conjecture without verifiable fact to back it up. – Odin1806 Mar 28 at 17:33

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