Definitely published no later than 1974, set in the future on Earth.

I only remember the final scene. A man visits his ex-wife, an official state-registered prostitute whom anyone can legally use. I remember a sentence, "you would never have guessed she was thirty".

After seeing her he's trapped in a room or cell and a starving mob is outside and he's literally ripped to pieces as he tries to escape. It's written in the third person.

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Per the thread cited by Valorum above in a comment, this story was identified as Waters of Death (1967) by Irving A. Greenfield.

An online review notes some of the same details as mentioned by the OP:

There isn’t even any regret on Wilde’s part when his wife announces she’s to become a government whore of sorts at the local “sex center”...


...[T]he rioters, now that the sea crops have all been destroyed, have turned to cannibalism, and Wilde, thinking he’s being freed from prison by a group of rioters, discovers instead that they’ve come here to eat him.

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