We’re finally in 2019, the year in which Blade Runner — Ridley Scott’s iconic 1982 science fiction film — is set.

Which technologies that exist in 2019 (at least as prototypes) were correctly predicted by Blade Runner?

movie screenshot, woman's face projected on building

To clarify, I am looking only for technologies that were not in existence at the time that Blade Runner was made. (All technologies that appear in Blade Runner are relevant, regardless of whether they also appear in other works.)

(These are the same requirements as in a similar question regarding Back to the Future II.)

Update: Six months after asking this, on the BBC.


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Some of the Blade Runner technologies that have come to fruition by 2019 include:

  • Giant electronic billboards that show full motion video ads.
  • Crosswalk Walk/Don’t Walk indicators that include audio prompts for the visually-impaired.
  • Self-driving cars (borderline).
  • Access to police databases from in-car computer.
  • Voice-interactive computing (but not magical photo enhancement).
  • Electronically dimming windows.
  • Some aspects of gene engineering and creation of artificial animals (for example, a rat kidney has been 3D printed from stem cells; this is perhaps also borderline).
  • Video phones.

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