The first 21 seconds of the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Relativity" show the Utopia Planitia ship yards for the first time in Star Trek. During these 21 seconds I counted at least 15 ships which can be seen in drydock. Which ships have identifying characteristics which let us pinpoint their classes, and what are they (where the ship is seen, identifying characteristic and class)?

In particular, a few people have noticed a Galaxy-class ship at some point during this sequence. (In fact, there's a rumour that it's actually the Enterprise-D being refitted in between TNG and Generations.) Others noticed an Ambassador-class ship. But I can't exactly pinpoint where they are in the sequence and how we know they are of those classes.

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Many of the ships are too small to be distinctly seen. But several classes can be definitively identified. In the opening sequence, I can see:

  • The primary hull of a Galaxy-class vessel under construction. Incomplete galaxy saucer

  • Another Galaxy-class vessel, this one fully constructed. I can't definitively rule out the possibility that this is the Enterprise-D, but I can't find any direct evidence supporting this idea either.

galaxy class in spacedock

  • At least two Akira-class vessels. I say at least two because while one is clearly leaving spacedock, the other two may be the same ship from different angles.

akira class in spacedock

akira class leaving spacedock

another akira class in spacedock

  • An Excelsior-class vessel. At first I thought this was an Ambassador class, but the dark shapes on the primary hull aft of the bridge clearly match the Excelsior.

excelsior class in spacedock

  • Two of what Memory Alpha identifies as Saber-class vessels. The second one is rather dubious in my opinion.

saber class in spacedock

very small and blurry image of what is allegedly a saber class

uss voyager in spacedock

  • Many unidentified ships that don't resemble any recognizable classes. I can't find anymore information on these.

Memory Alpha claims that a Steamrunner-class vessel is present in this episode, but no image is provided and I cannot find one in the footage.


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