From the descriptions in the books we learn of multiple fighters in an arena fighting with blunt weapons. I don't understand how exactly does someone win or lose such a contest. Do they all surrender or what?

How do you make someone yield by using a blunted weapon?

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    Until one dies or yields. – TheLethalCarrot Apr 4 at 13:20
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    Firstly blunt doesn't mean none lethal and you can still take a right proper kicking from one even before it gets to the lethality stage. – TheLethalCarrot Apr 4 at 13:26
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    Battle Royale, Last man standing wins. Alliances are made and broken at will until only two people remain and they fight it out between themselves until one is victorious. Blunted weapons can still hurt, maim and kill. In the last Tourney King Robert threw to honour Ned's appointment as hand, People broke limbs, lost toes and a few horses had to be put down. – Aegon Apr 4 at 13:27
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    FWIW, in the age of armor (full plate) even a sword was effectively a smashing weapon. The edge just concentrates the force, like a spike on a mace. – DavidW Apr 4 at 13:28
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    For a modern version of medieval tourney fighting, look at something like Historical Medieval Battles (HMB) and/or Battle of the Nations. They're completely different than actual lethal fighting (see HEMA for that), but it's a good representation of how you can really mess someone up with a blunt sword. – DaaaahWhoosh Apr 4 at 14:23

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