I saw this cartoon one or two years ago in video on Facebook and thought I had saved it but apparently not.

It was a video of a little half human half animal (pointy ears like a bunny, cat or kangaroo) girl (a kid, maybe 6-13 yrs?) that was sleeping in a forest and woke up to fight a monster. I think she had a pet of some sort too. I remember the clip ended with her finding her friends and they were all teasing each other sitting under a tree looking out over a field... or maybe a city or something. The group of half-humans were representative of people of color. The show was in English.

It looked really similar to Threadworlds. I know it is not because Threadworlds is an unreleased comic book and wouldn't have any video animation to it yet. But the character creation looked reaaaaally similar to this: enter image description here

Would love to find this show (if it's a show) as it's rarer to find a diverse cast in well-done fantasy/adventure cartoons. It didn't really look like an anime but might be seen as that. The style was more cartoon I'd say. But who knows some people think Adventure Time is anime so...

I saw it I wanna say a year or two ago and keep going back to look for it. It's not She-Ra.

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    Hi, welcome to SF&F! You should check out the suggestions for asking a good story-id question. There might be some points there that trigger additional memories. – DavidW Apr 4 at 18:37
  • Any change it to be Squirrel Girl? – Oni Apr 4 at 22:59
  • Not Squirrel Girl, but that looks interesting! – Alaia Apr 5 at 2:04
  • Maybe Wakfu? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wakfu_(TV_series) – Mara Apr 5 at 9:49
  • How long was the cartoon? Angry Alien has the 30 second bunny theater...movies are condensed to 30 seconds and star bunnies. – ArlettaS Apr 6 at 1:21

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