K'Ehleyr was a Klingon/Human hybrid and the mate of Worf. She held a high position within the Federation, yet often lamented her dual nature. B'Elanna Torres was also a hybrid of the two races, albeit with the parentage switched around.

K'Ehleyr noted that although the DNA was compatible, it required medical "help" to occur - therefore making hybrids of the two races rare. Although I'm sure the two never met, largely due to the former's fate, did either of the women know about the other one?

Acceptable answer can come from beta canon - novels & games. If the answer is "No", that's also a perfectly acceptable answer.


I cannot find any evidence that they knew about each other.

  • They never appeared or were mentioned in the same episode.
  • There is no mention of of K'Ehleyr on B'Elanna's memory alpha (canon) or memory beta (non-canon) articles.
  • There is only one mention of B'Elanna on K'Ehleyr's memory alpha article, and nothing on memory beta.

The only connection between the two (from the MA page) seems to be that the actress who played K'Ehleyr also played the Female Q, who did indeed meet B'Elanna.

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