In the Star Trek: TOS episode "By Any Other Name", Scotty gets alien captor Tomar drunk. Tomar asks him about one particular bottle:

TOMAR: "What is it?"

SCOTTY: "Well, it's… uh…" (Scotty looks at the liquor bottle and sniffs it) "It's green."

What is the green drink in that particular bottle? Films, scripts, novelizations, and licensed works are acceptable sources.

No, I do not want the identity of the similar scene in TNG: Relics, which is identified by Picard as Aldebaran whiskey. That is a different bottle. And don't speculate that they're the same -- sources, please.

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    Given the humor of that line, I think it's very unlikely that any information on the drink exists beyond what's established in that scene: 1. It's alcoholic 2. Scotty found it on Ganymede 3. It's green. Apr 5, 2019 at 5:05
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    Maybe it's cold medicine. Apr 5, 2019 at 16:35

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All signs point to it being Aldebran Whisky. The official (Blish) adaptation has a slightly different version of the scene, presumably based on an earlier version of the script.

Finally, however, they were seated at Scott’s desk with a bottle and glasses between them. After a while, it was two bottles. Tomar seemed to remain in total control of himself, as if he’d been drinking lemon-ade. “No more?” he said.

“Well… no more Saurian brandy, but…” Scott looked around and found another bottle. “Now, y’see, this liquor is famous on Ahbloron-I mean, Aldibib-ble-on one of these planets we go to.”

“It is a different color from the other.”

“Yes. And stronger, too.” He poured some into To-mar’s glass with an unsteady hand, and then, per-force, some into his own. Somehow this experiment was not working out right.

Star Trek 6: By Any Other Name

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