It was about a girl who all gods loved naturally, she goes to school with all these kids and they would infused together with the god they bonded with when they needed to fight other gods that went bad or rogue (these gods, when bad, looked like stone). She had long blonde hair and when she transformed, she had a gold helmet with wings on it.

I think they called her white flowers sama. something like that.

  • @Jenayah - I've reversed your edit because it's not immediately clear whether the white flowers are called "sama" or whether she was called "white flowers sama"... – Valorum Apr 6 at 20:19
  • @Valorum ah, fair enough. Sama is a title or something in Japanese, now that you mention it. Thanks for the rollback then! – Jenayah Apr 6 at 20:20
  • Are there other characters, especially male characters? How do the "gods" look like (humanoid/mecha/small tools/formless/monster)? How does the art style look like (shonen-style/shojo-style/realistic)? What is the most suitable genre (shonen/shojo/romance/etc...)? – Andrew T. Apr 9 at 4:21
  • I would believe it falls under school life and action/romance. There is a group of them and gods are humanoid/monster some are small tools and shojo-style – triss Apr 9 at 19:02
  • Also, regarding the last sentence, I assumed you mean the girl is called White Flower-sama Consider editing the post to include your previous comment, so that everyone can notice it easily :) – Andrew T. Apr 11 at 1:53

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