In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), Gunke and Miles are watching a Spider-Man documentary movie.

Miles: Man, you really oversold this.

Gunke: Just try to pay attention. They literally show him figuring all his powers out.

Spider-Man figured out all his powers by himself but Gunke says they are showing him how his powers work. So why did he give the opposite statement?

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    What?. You quote him saying that he figured his powers out, but then claim that the quote says something opposite. No, it literally says what you quoted. – Daniel Roseman Apr 7 at 8:00
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    This doesn't seem unclear to me. It seems to me that the question is based on a misunderstanding. This doesn't make the question close worthy. It might make it downvote worthy, but that's not the same as close worthy. A close vote is not a super downvote. – Mithical Apr 7 at 19:27

No, you misunderstand that sentence.

"They literally show him figuring all his powers out" means that "they" (documentary makers) show (in the documentary) Spider-Man figuring all his powers out. If Gunke was saying they needed to show him how his powers work, then the sentence would instead be something like "They literally show him how to figure all his powers out".

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