Force for Change is a charity beneficiary that asks fans to donate money for various good causes. Often, there are prizes that comes with donating. In 2017, while Solo: A Star Wars Story was still in production, fans had a chance to donate and win the ability to appear in the film. However, this was before the whole director change debacle. I was wondering if a winner was announced and if that winner actually appeared in the film, given the fact that seemingly 90% of the film was reshot.


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The winner was revealed as Jeremy R of Annapolis, Maryland.

I've seen no evidence that his walk-on part was/wasn't cut from the completed film but for the record, the prize didn't include a guarantee that the winner would get to walk-on, merely that they would receive a VIP set-tour and a chance to meet the director as well as the possibility of an on-screen background role.

"one VIP tour of the Set Location; double occupancy hotel accommodations at a hotel selected by Sponsor in its sole discretion close to the Set Location for two consecutive nights; transfers to/from hotel and airport; meet and greet with the directors of the Movie; the opportunity for the Winner to be filmed (non-speaking) in a scene for the Movie; and a chance for the Footage to appear in the Movie. Sponsor and Prize Providers do not guarantee that the Footage will be included in the final version of the Movie."

Omaze: Competition Terms and Conditions

This presumably means that if your tour happened to be on a day when they were filming shots inside the Falcon with just the principal cast, there wouldn't be any walk-on parts that you could take.


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