TV Tropes claims that Tobias Whale is vegan:

In Black Lightning, ruthless crime boss Tobias Whale claims to adhere to a vegan diet.

But he seems to be having caviar when he meets with Khalil:

TOBIAS: Like it or not, every successful person remembers two things in life. The first time they try caviar, and the first time they can enjoy it without worrying what it cost.

Black Lightning, "The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem"

And when he meets with encryption specialist Todd, he does provide some Toficken for him, but seems contemptuous of him being vegan.

Does Tobias maintain a vegan or vegetarian diet?


To be honest, I think TV Tropes may be misstating Tobias Whale's dietary preference. He uses veganism as part of his lie about the source of his longevity (actually due to a serum):

Henderson: How is it you never seem to age?
Tobias: Well, a vegan lifestyle with a little yoga really does work. I keep saying black folks gotta get off of that fried chicken & watermelon, Kool-aid diet. Plus I do my best to stay out of the sun.

And he accommodates Todd Green's veganism, but also mocks Todd in Black Lightning Season 2, Episode 10: "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros":

"One of these new transformed vegan Negroes"

Lastly, as Jack notes, a scene from an episode near the end of Season 1 shows what appears to be a steak on the plater of what he's eating.

Tobias noshing on a rare steak

  • OK, so he's just making something up to insult Henderson, seemingly. – Adamant Apr 9 at 12:15
  • Yup. I modified the TV Tropes entry to indicate that his claim is dubious in the light of the rest of the series. – FuzzyBoots Apr 9 at 12:17
  • I'm pretty sure there is an episode towards the end of season 1 which shows him eating a big rare steak: images.app.goo.gl/ryv6GiS7sqKZqBEh8 – Jack Apr 10 at 0:45

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