In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), this is how she looks:

Cowgirl on top of Columbia Pictures intro

Who is that cowgirl appearing during the Columbia Pictures intro?


The Cowgirl is from Columbia Pictures' 1965's American western musical comedy film "Cat Ballou" starring Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin.

Here's the intro to the Cat Ballou (1965) musical comedy:

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    FWIW, there's a more lengthy freeze-frame analysis at cartoonresearch.com/index.php/… – FuzzyBoots Apr 9 '19 at 13:35
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    @FuzzyBoots yeah. I saw that too. But I thought that this video would be more useful as it kinda is what the intro in Into the Spider-verse used. – Shreedhar Apr 9 '19 at 13:45

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