Note: this is the question about the TV Series

At the end of the first season, Laura asks Easter to resurrect her. Easter replies that she cannot help because Laura has been killed by a god - sacrificed for Odin

[Easter] I can't help you with your dead. You are dead of a different kind. [...] Laura Moon, you were killed by a god. I can't interfere with that. [...]

[Laura] I was killed by a god? Which fucking god?
[Sweeney] Me fucking god. I ran you off the road. Ahh! That's right, I killed you! I killed you fucking dead! [...]
[Laura] She said that I was killed by a god. You are a lot of things, but you are not a god. Which fucking god?
[Sweeney] ... Wednesday

Yet in the next episodes, she doesn't mention it at all - either to her real killer or to Shadow, who continues to happily (more or less) working for Wednesday. If not for her husband's sake she could at least try to squeeze Odin by saying something like "Hey, if you won't help me, I'll tell Shadow that you've killed me and we'll see how this will affect your cooperation".

Why isn't she trying to tell that to anyone?

  • She doesn't want to mess with a God? – Steve Harrington Apr 11 at 12:40
  • @AnkurRathee she actually hints it to Wednesday that she knows that he ordered Sweeney to kill her. – XtremeBaumer Apr 11 at 12:57

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