In the early 1970’s I watched a movie on TV as a little kid, about an exploration spaceship that found a red super giant star that was about to go supernova.

They tried to escape and got sucked into a black hole, and ended up in a new universe with a shot of stars shot with star filters.

It's not the Disney movie The Black Hole or Supernova (2000).

  • en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supernova_(2000_film) matches, but much later. – FuzzyBoots Apr 10 at 22:59
  • Thanks but sadly much later, I’m afraid. But thanks anyway. – John Mann Apr 10 at 23:24
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    When you say "It's not the Disney movie," that's unclear. Disney has made a lot of movies. Did you mean: "It's not the Disney movie The Black Hole"? – Lorendiac Apr 11 at 0:51
  • Yes, that’s exactly what I meant, sorry I was unclear. – John Mann Apr 11 at 1:59
  • @JohnMann I just now saw your comment confirming which Disney science fiction movie you meant, and then I decided to go ahead and insert that movie title into your post to make it clear. – Lorendiac Apr 11 at 2:18

Into Infinity, also known as The Day After Tomorrow (1976), a British TV special?

Apart from it being made in the 70s, the Wikipedia summary seems to match your description:

A fail-safe brings the vessel, now powerless, to a halt within the gravitational field of a red giant on the brink of supernova. Donning a heat suit, Captain Masters risks his life by entering the reactor core in a bid to repair the drive. He succeeds, and Anna and Jane pilot the ship outside the blast radius of the star before it explodes.

Detecting a signal from Delta, which has taken the equivalent of 15 Earth years to reach them, the travellers are able to plot their position and lay in a course home. However, disaster strikes when Altares is caught in the gravity of a black hole that has formed from a collapsed star. [...]

 Her theory is proven correct when, sustaining the various space-time distortions at the event horizon, Altares safely emerges from the black hole – intact, albeit with no way of returning to Earth. As the vessel and its intrepid crew approach a planet, the narrator concludes, "One thing is sure – this is not the final word. Not the end, but the beginning. A new universe, a new hope? Only time will tell."

It's on YouTube. Not sure what you mean by "star filters" but the last couple of shots​ does have some generic-looking star shots:

Found with the Google query movie "red giant" "black hole" site:imdb.com/title which returned this summary.

  • This may be it. YouTube has regrettably taken it down, but at least I may now have have a starting point. Thanks. – John Mann Apr 11 at 2:25

is it the Space:1999 episode "Black Sun"? It aired in 1975

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    Hi, welcome to SF&F. This might be a good answer, but it's hard to know, since you've included no details. You should list the elements of the show that match the question. Please read How to Answer. – DavidW Jun 17 at 2:54

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