My children asked me about the oldest movie I can remember (as a kid). It is a movie from before 1977 (probably mid 60's - early 70's) about a house where (children? owners?) were not taking care of the home appliances (I do not remember how exactly, but I think by not cleaning them, etc.)

This home equipment, one day, decided to revolt against the owners and attack them. I am sure the TV was part of the plot, and probably a vacuum cleaner.

I know that sounds like a comedy but it was not one, and what is left of the 5-6 years old boy in me is still terrified. Sorry for not having more details but my brain probably erased them.

It may have been a short movie (The Twilight Zone - like) and it was broadcast in Europe (in France I think, may have been Poland or Germany). I tried to Google for "home appliance attack" and this indeed brings a movie, but from the 00's.

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    Probably going to be hard to search for, as a lot of home appliances in the 60s and 70s were revolting. The only one that springs to mind is the 80s movie Pulse but that's quite a bit after your time frame. Commented Apr 12, 2019 at 12:26
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    Yeah, I was thinking Maximum Overdrive, but that's also too late, being released in 1986. But it does feature appliances (and all other machines) turning on humans... Commented Apr 12, 2019 at 15:27
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    The wonderful short story "No One" by Diana Wynne Jones (found in the book "Unexpected Magic") has some similarities. Except that the appliances are fighting against intruders who are attempting a kidnapping (not against the owners), and are led by the title character, a robot with the very useful name "No One." (Obviously not what you're looking for, but might be of interest.)
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You may be thinking of the 1965 Benny Hill skit One Step Behind:

The skit exposits a movie in which appliances become monsters and attack a family. It is, as one might expect given the milieu, cheesy.

I also watched it at a young age, and it gave me nightmares.


You may be thinking of The Twilight Zone episode "A Thing about Machines".

Bartlett Finchley is an odd man, a writer who contributes to food magazines and the like. He lives alone and is always it seems in need of a repairman for one piece of household equipment or another. As time has gone by, he seems to be in a constant battle with machines - his typewriter, his television - which all have the same message for him: get out of the house. He has no intention of doing so however and the battle begins.


This is a long shot, but there was a 1978 Star Wars parody called Hardware Wars where home appliances played a big role. The plot, if you can call it that, is quite different, however.


This is a pretty long shot, but your description sounds a little like The Twonky, which came out in the early 1950s. There's a TV that turns out to be able to do all kinds of things, and is determined to take charge of the life of the protagonist. It's intended to be a comedy, but the story is pretty creepy.


I think you are thinking of Demon Seed, a great film.

True high octane nightmare fuel. The Proteus AI takes over the house, builds a battle droid, kills a guy, makes a replicate of her to dissuade her husband from bothering its machinations, rapes a woman and impregnates her with a clone of her late daughter and uploads its mind into the child's body.


My suggestion is a French movie called Le démon dans l'île (apparently "Demon of the Island" in English), from 1983. I remember a lady being killed by her (unplugged) oven, played straight.

I rented it with friends in the late 1980s, for laughs, during our Toxic Avenger phase when we were about 18. But I can imagine it being impressive and disturbing to a child.


A (slightly) more recent one...
Pulse (1988)
A boy tries to warn his father that they are being menaced by a malevolent pulse of electricity that moves from house to house, terrorizing the residents.

enter image description here

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