In Bumblebee (2018), while Charlie was at her job, Bumblebee accidently vandalized her furniture in the house. Memo called Charlie, and Charlie confronts Bumblebee in the hall room:

Charlie: What were you thinking? What... I told you to hide in the garage!

(Bumblebee transform into a car)

Charlie: Great. Helpful shame spiral, Bee.

Why did Charlie say, "Helpful shame spiral" in this funny scene?


She's being sarcastic. His decision to turn into a car is clearly not helpful in the situation and nor are his self-pitying actions and feelings (a "shame spiral") after having trashed the place.

Stripped of the sarcastic tone, it becomes

Charlie: I'm unhappy. The fact that you've decided to feel sorry for yourself and turn into a car is obviously not a helpful attitude in this situation, Bumblebee.

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