Probably written in the late 1970s. Young adult.

  • Two boys, the narrator and his friend, are abducted by a flying saucer.
  • The aliens are roughly human-sized and the boys don't get a good look at them except that their skin is like a dark shell. I learned the word "chitin" from this.
  • For some reason the kids get suspicious that things aren't what they seem, and maybe this isn't even a spaceship.
  • In fact the "aliens" are from Earth, and they're giant intelligent ants. They evolved underground, and they're getting ready to come up and maybe take over.
  • There's a scene where the kids are trying to talk with each other about this but they're worried that the ants can hear them, so they start talking about people with made-up names that are really acronyms, e.g. "Ann Nocenti and Ted Stearn" = ants [that is not a real example].

I don't remember what happens after that.

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