While watching "Manhunt", I notice a scene where Madeline makes an error (in Rex's Bar):

Jees, Dix. Cuzzo's the guy who iced Marty O'Farron. They never would have nailed him if it hadn't been for you. Your testimony got him arranged.

It was supposed to be "arraigned", of course. But was this a blooper, or was it intentional?

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    It's an intentional joke / verbal pun that Madeline is a bit of a dope and doesn't quite understand things. That sort of thing fits the time / genre depicted - bubble headed secretary, etc... – NKCampbell Apr 14 at 21:00
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    Hey, welcome to the site. I'm... not entirely sure what you're trying to ask here. What exactly is your question? Are you just pointing out a blooper? I'm afraid that it's really not clear at all from your question. Would you mind editing to clarify and highlight what your actual question is? Thanks. – Mithical Apr 14 at 21:01
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    Is it a blooper, or is it intentional as @NKCampbell suggests? – leek Apr 14 at 21:03
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    It seems pretty clear to me what OP was asking. It's also pretty answerable – Valorum Apr 14 at 21:09
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    I've twitted at the actress as well as the show's scriptwriter and director. Hopefully we can get a definitive response – Valorum Apr 14 at 21:31

This seems to be a fairly common variant of the "brainless beauty" trope.

We, the audience know that the word is 'arraigned' but by having her mouth it as 'arranged', it conveys to the audience that while Madeline may be loyal, resourceful and clearly besotted with Dixon Hill, she's not the brightest bulb on the porch.

There's another variation of this joke in TNG: Clues

MADELINE: Doesn't matter if you're from the moon, Hon. Mister Hill is incommuni... incommunica...

GUINAN: Incommunicado.

MADELINE: That's it. Sorry, Hon.

The original screen direction for her in TNG: The Big Goodbye was that she was a

a plain blond with a bubbly personality

which does seems like Hollywood code.

On a related note (and apropos of nothing) you may find it interesting that she was entirely absent in the scene as originally written. Dix enters the bar and speaks to Rex but Madeline was nowhere to be seen.

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