This was a teen horror book from the 90s. It is not Point Horror, Fear Street, or Goosebumps. I am sure the the title was "Bad Blood"; however, I have searched online and can't find it.

The story of what I recall was a guy named "Mike", I think, and he is in high school and is in love with this girl. He wins tickets to a gig for their favourite band (I think they were called "The Zombies") so he asks the girl to go and she agrees.

On the drive to the gig they approach a bridge above them and someone throws a brick at the car and runs away. The date is ruined and Mike (if that is his name) I think persuades her to carry on with the date. They get to the gig only to discover I think that the tickets are fake. The girl after the the events demands to be taken home.

Throughout the book bad things happen to both of them: I think a pet is killed and other friends die, etc. Turns out it is Mike's best friend who is stalking them, as he is jealous.

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This is Bad Blood by Peter Kennedy (1996). It is the fifth book in the "Fun Fax Horror" series. It is young adult, according to Goodreads.

Summary (emphasis mine):

Mike Campbell can't believe his luck: he's got two free Zombies tickets and the most popular girl in his class has agreed to go to the concert with him! What Mike doesn't realise is that he's just made a deadly date with murder...

Should jealousy really push anyone this far?

Found with the query "bad blood" horror "book" in Google Search.

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