I saw this movie when I was a kid around the early-to-mid '80-s - I only remember a few details of it but what I do remember left quite an impression so I'd like to find it and watch it again.

Here are the things I recall:

  • I think the movie was made in the late '60-s or '70-s (visually it was somewhat similar to Silent Running or Logan's Run - big white spaces). The visuals (especially for its time) would've definitely classified this as a sci-fi.
  • (Added for @NathanGriffith's comment) The visual setting was somewhat futuristic: the story is set on Earth in a near-ish future US.
  • I think this was an American stand-alone movie (it wasn't a series). (It is possible that it wasn't American - we had European movies, too, so it could be French / German / etc. but somehow I think it was American.)
  • I saw it in Hungary, on TV around 1983(-ish).
  • I think it was a full-length movie (60+ minutes long) but I cannot be certain.
  • The protagonist is a young or middle-aged woman who is locked up in an asylum or psychiatric ward but she had been put there as part of some conspiracy.
  • The asylum is a nice place with a large park around it where the patients are supposedly kept happy and safe but the director of the place (a doctor) works with someone who wants to make this woman disappear.
  • She's being told by the doctor that she needs treatment for some imaginary condition. She's basically being kept as a prisoner as a favor to someone.
  • The one thing I remember very clearly about this movie is that the woman tries to escape once but the park is fenced around by a laser fence. The fence posts are tall white columns (separated by maybe 4 meters) that are connected by 5 or 6 horizontal pulsating white-red laser beams - if something tries to cross these, they get burned. She somehow figures out a way to cross over to the road on the other side of the fence and tries to hitch a ride. The cars are mostly white. The guards realize that she's gone and they search for her. Eventually a car stops to pick her up and it turns out the driver works for the doctor so she's taken back to the institute.
  • In one scene as she's trying to cross the laser fence, she's burning some object that touches the laser beams but I don't remember if it's a tree branch or herself or something else. She definitely knows that the laser beams burn whatever they touch.
  • At one point in the movie (earlier) there's a short scene that shows a (white?) guard house where the guard can turn the laser fence on or off. At some point someone comes to visit her (or maybe to visit the doctor) and their car has to stop by the guard house to enter the park.
  • Eventually a friend of hers (her love interest or maybe a private detective?) starts looking for her and finds her so she's freed at the end. The doctor is arrested.(?)
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    Hi, what about this movie made you think it was science fiction? From the description so far there don't seem to be any sci-fi elements. – Nathan Griffiths Apr 17 at 0:27
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    @NathanGriffiths Laser fences? – Buzz Apr 17 at 0:37
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    @Buzz laser fences aren't science fiction though - they really exist e.g. bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-35341775 – Nathan Griffiths Apr 17 at 0:49
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    @NathanGriffiths Calling the things in that article "laser fences" is just (misleading) branding. They are not fences (which block passage) but motion detectors. The question describes actual fences made of lasers, which do not exist. – Buzz Apr 17 at 0:55
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    @Buzz I'm not going to debate the fine points of what constitutes a laser fence, my question is for the OP - perhaps there are more sci fi elements to the story that are not mentioned above that might help identify it. – Nathan Griffiths Apr 17 at 1:13

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