I'm trying to find the Batman comic that centered around Clayface and a death cult made up of teenage horror fans.

Anyone know the story, and/or what the comic was, or the number of the comic, if it was a Batman story?

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  • @DavidW - It's not wonderfully detailed, but it's more than sufficient to make a positive ID – Valorum Apr 16 at 22:50
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    @Valorum Fair enough; I've been on your side of this conversation too. :) But without knowing, it's hard to know, and it doesn't hurt to ask for more info just in case... – DavidW Apr 16 at 22:53

This is Joker's Ayslum II - Clayface. And yes, Batman features prominently.

The Joker tells a story about Clayface, involving an old film that he starred in called "The Terror", and a group of teens, the "Children of the Clay" that idolize him.

enter image description here

  • Thank you, Valorum. That's the one! – Terry Farr Apr 18 at 2:45

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