In Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), Lando shows his Millennium Falcon to his new friends:

Han: Looks like you had a little work done.

Lando: Indeed I have, Han. Installed an escape pod in the mandible notch, alluvial dampers, a wet bar.

BECKETT: And a fortified infraction restraint on the landing gear.

What's the meaning of "fortified infraction restraint"?

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It is the Star Wars version of a Wheel Clamp (Denver Boot) for starships

Lando's Millennium Falcon is impounded.


This is further explained in Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition, and in short it is a restraining bolt to keep the craft where it is, like a wheel clamp in our world.

Han clears his throat. "Looks like you've had some work done," he said, stroking the metal shielding.

"Indeed I have, Han," Lando said, still mispronouncing his name. "Two years restoring, retrofitting, adding features: customized flux regulator, new alluvial dampers, a wet bar..."

"...a fortified infraction restrain on the landing gear?" Beckett added to the list from underneath, looking at the ion restraining bolt affixed to the front strut.

Lando feigned surprise very poorly. "What is that doing there?"

Beckett sighed. "Looks like someone fell behind on their docking fees," he said.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition


In addition to the in-universe citations, unpacking the phrase might help.

As @TheLethalCarrot's excerpt says, Lando has failed to pay his fees--an infraction (breaking a rule or agreement). Because of this, a restraint has been placed on the Millennium Falcon to prevent him from moving it until he pays: it's an infraction restraint.

Presumably it is fortified to make it strong enough to hold the craft (perhaps a landspeeder wouldn't need that).

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